Cora Shields has been a long time resident of Elliot Lake - over 47 years, and over 25 years of that as a Real Estate Professional. Her thorough knowledge of the city, as well as designation as a Broker, have contributed to her success. This gives YOU an advantage when you choose to work with Cora. You have her extensive knowledge and expertise on your side.
                                                                      WHY CHOOSE CORA SHIELDS?

Since beginning her Real Estate career in 1989, she has never looked back, and has attained Broker designation. Her sincere concern for the "special" needs of each individual client, together with her extensive knowledge and expertise in the residential market, keep those same clients coming back year after year.

Cora is very efficient and has high energy. A 12-14 hour day is a normal day for her! She does everything as if she were on roller blades. She works quickly, thinks quickly, and even walks quickly! However, Cora never forgets  the other really important things in her life. She has learned over the years  that it is absolutely necessary to revitalize herself, so she now tries to take  time to indulge in her two other passions: husband Walter and young  daughter, Stephanie.

It is working! Her dynamic and bubbly personality are enjoyed not only by her Clients, but also by her co-workers and outside Brokers alike! If you  would like a complete information package on homes available for sale, you only need to contact her and it's in the mail.

Remember, it doesn't cost any more to have one of the top salespeople working for you.

                                                        Experience the difference!

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                                                                                       CORA CAN DO IT!