Make sure the house "smell" fresh and clean.  Open the windows ahead of time and give the house a good airing.  Fresh break baking or a little apple juice with cinnamon sticks simmering on the stove would make a nice welcome!

The entrance or foyer should be clean and uncluttered.  Put away all those extra shoes and sneakers!  A lovely fresh potted plant does wonders on a hall table.  Fresh flowers make any place look great.

All rooms should be clean and tidy, free of clutter. "Less is more".  You don't have to get rid of furniture, but maybe that pile of magazines you have never gotten around to!

Make the dining room or eating area particularly appealing.  This is the room where most people spend a great deal of time.  Set the table simply with your best place mats, napkins, wine glasses etc.  Create an appealing ambiance.
Take all those notes and pictures off the fridge - they mean a lot to you but only add clutter to a prospective buyer.

Be sure the kitchen and bathrooms are spotless and try to keep the counters clean and free of items.  Children's rooms should be neat and tidy but most people have children and understand that it not always an easy task!

It may be difficult to do, but clean out the basement and garage and try to have them organized and uncluttered.  People need to be able to SEE your home.  Besides, anything you throw away now, you won't have to move later!

Pets can be a touchy subject!  They are often part of the family, but try to minimize their presence when showing your house.  If possible, it is best not to have them at home during a showing, however, that is a personal decision.  Have as few signs of pets as possible - put away food dishes, etc. and be "finicky" about pet odours!

Open the drapes and let natural light into your home.  A ray of sunshine can make any room look nice.  If it is a dark, dreary day, turn on some lights that complement your home best.  Make sure the stairs and basement are well lit.

Remember to look at the house through the eyes of a buyer.  Show your house off.

Good luck and show your house well!


Selling a house is an important decision and you want to show your home in the best possible light.  First impressions are lasting impressions.  Here are a few simple,

Before you show your house, take a good look at it "through the eyes of a prospective buyer"!!


Start on the exterior.  Do whatever is necessary depending on the season - in summer and fall make sure the grass is cut and leaves raked.  Maybe a few nice potted plants on the porch - people see the outside of your house first!

In spring and winter, make sure the walk and sidewalk and driveway are cleaned of snow and not slippery for visitors.

The front door and entrance are very important.  The door may just need a fresh coat of paint, doorknobs polished.  Make sure the windows are sparkling clean.  Little things can mean a lot - does the mailbox need to be replaced - even an inexpensive one can make a world of difference.  Maybe a matching house number?

You do not necessarily need to paint the whole house, but check the windows and shutters.

"You get the picture" - your prospective buyers will too!